Germany-based Diaspora news outlet interviewed Sulaiman Adebowale, Director of Amalion Publishing, about his involvement in the 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany. The interview was conducted jointly by Chariffou Ouro-Sama and Clemens Benkel from the Africa Development Group. The Frankfurt Book Fair attracts thousands of professional publishers from all over the world to meet and trade content on an international level. Not only reserving itself to the book market, it represents multiculturality through achievements in art and literature. 

In the interview, Adebowale talks about his experience at the international fair and at length about Amalion’s beginnings, its business process, its position on e-books and digital media, and other subjects.

The full interview, first published by Togo News Info, can be found here

More information on the Frankfurt Book Fair can be found here

Date posted: March 5, 2015