The Arts & Culture programme at Abdou Moumouni University in Niger and the publishing house Amalion in Senegal are pleased to announce the call for entries for the Sarraounia Prize for Young Adult Fiction to contribute to the availability of reading material for African young adults and to promote literature to help better understand the world of African youths. Every two years, the Sarraounia Prize will be awarded to the best unpublished fiction for young adults written by African authors and illustrators based in Africa.

For the 2020 edition, the winner will receive a prize of 1,000 euros, and the winning entry will be published and disseminated by Amalion and its partners from May 2020. The Sarraounia Prize will explore all traditional and digital media technologies to disseminate its activities and will endeavour to promote the writer and their work in various forums, in order to bring their work to the attention of book industry actors and the general public. longer:


The rules, terms and conditions for the Sarraounia Prize for Young Adult Fiction are set out in full on the website These rules can be consulted throughout the duration of the Sarraounia Prize for Young Adult Fiction at To participate, all applicants must complete the application form and submit their entry at This website will be the central point for all information regarding the Sarraounia Prize for Young Adult Fiction.

The Sarraounia Prize for Young Adult Fiction is free and open to any person resident and citizen of a country in Africa who has written a fictional narrative for Young Adult, illustrated or not, either in English, French, or Hausa. Any work previously published in digital or printed format that has been the subject of an author’s contract is not eligible. Each applicant can only submit one single entry. Any collaboration between two writers or between a writer and an illustrator will be considered as a single entry.

In the case of minors and young adults under the law, their participation is subject to a written authorization from their parent(s) or guardian(s) dated prior to the commencement of any registration and application procedure.

By taking part in the Sarraounia Prize for Young Adult Fiction, each applicant guarantees that the work is original, they are the only author(s) of the text presented, and that they have not borrowed or plagiarised existing protected works, and in general, guarantee not to submit works that infringe or could infringe the intellectual property rights or any other third party rights, including copyright or defamation.

Registration and submission for the Sarraounia Prize for Young Adult Fiction 2020 Edition is from June 30, 2019 to September 30, 2019. Any submission outside the time periods expressed herein will not be taken into account.

Applicants are strongly advised not to wait until the last day to submit their entry.

Only the selected winner will be informed through the contact information provided in the application form.

An award ceremony will be held in April 2020 in Niamey, where the winner will be invited to attend. Travel and accommodation of the winner will be supported by the Sarraounia Prize for Young Adult Fiction.

The winning applicant authorizes the Sarraounia Prize and Amalion and its partners to edit, publish and disseminate the work all over the world.


  • 30 June 2019: Call for application and submission.
  • 30 September 2019: Closing Date for applications
  • 30 November 2019: Jury Selection
  • 15 December 2020: Official Annoncement of Winne
  • 15 April 2020: Award Ceremony
  • 15 May 2020: Publication Release


The Arts & Culture programme at Abdou Moumouni University in Niamey, Niger offers courses in arts and culture from Bachelor’s to Doctorate programmes that combine theoretical knowledge, technical learning and artistic practice. The programme welcomes artists in creative residencies and offers master class sessions and seminars. Professional internships at the local and international level strengthen the career prospect of students. The master’s and doctoral research programmes aim to promote both artistic and cultural heritage, to question practices and to have an impact on policies.

Amalion is an independent scholarly publisher with the mission to disseminate innovative knowledge on Africa to strengthen the understanding of Africa and its people. Amalion provides a platform for authors to express new, alternative and daring perspectives and views on people, places, events, and issues shaping our world. Amalion produces monographs and literary writings, primarily in English and in French for scholars, students, and general readers with an interest in African Studies, the humanities, and the social sciences.

The project is funded by Culture at Work Africa, a consortium of eight African, European and international partners in collaboration with the European Union to create new opportunities and mobilise stakeholders to promote intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity in urban and peri-urban areas in Africa as drivers for social inclusion and sustainable human development.

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Date posted: April 1, 2019