Small Enterprises & Entrepreneurship Development

Enyinna Chuta (Ed.)

The increasing numbers of college and university graduates from Africa’s tertiary institutions and the declining prospects for jobs in the public and private sector have reinforced the importance of creating avenues for self-employment. But job creation exposes a serious gap in education policies, for basic skills in entrepreneurship are not taught in most tertiary curricula across the continent. This nineteen-chapter volume provides essential course text material for developing the field of entrepreneurship in tertiary institutions, thus addressing the issue of appropriate pedagogy critical for the emerging field of entrepreneurship development in higher education institutions in Africa. Drawing from Nigeria, West Africa and other parts of the developing world, the volume furnishes much needed empirical information to fashion out appropriate policies and projects within macroeconomic framework to nurture small and medium enterprises as a development tool.

  • Part I: Empirical Evidence on the Statics and Dynamics of Small and Micro Enterprises
  • Part II: Entrepreneurship Development and Practice
  • Part III: Policy and Programme Environment
  • Part IV: Planning, Raw Material Sourcing and Marketing Strategies for Small Enterprises Development
  • Part V: Financial Control


Eggon Henry Ahmed • Adamu Baikie • Sri-Ram Aiyer • Francis A. Akawu • William Omotosho Akerele • Jonathan Averson Angbas • Elisha C. Anyahuru • Yusuf Dauda Bulus • Enyinna Chuta • Emmanuel S.I. Ejere • Emmanuel Mbebeb Fomba • Joseph Mamman Ibbih • Carl Liedholm • Donald Mead • Ajidani Moses Sabo • Sam B. A. Tende • Ibrahim G. Umaru • Uche Uwaleke •

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Enyinna Chuta is a Professor of Economics and currently the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Nigeria. He has a doctorate in economics from Michigan State University, USA. Enyinna Chuta has published several books, including Employment and Growth in Small-Scale Industry (St Martins Press and Macmillan Press, 1985) with Carl Liedholm; Critical Evaluation of Rural Industrialization Policies and Programmes in Developing Countries (International Labour Office, 1984), with S.V. Sethuraman; and Cottage Industries and Handicrafts: Some Guidelines for Employment Promotion, International Labour Office, 1982), with M. Allal.

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