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Chip Rossetti interviews Amalion

Journalist and translator Chip Rossetti  interviewed Amalion Publishing about the challenges it faces in the future of its growth. The interview took place at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair in 2013. The article was then published on Publishing Perspectives, an outlet for information on the book industry.

The director of Amalion, Sulaiman Adebowale, deliberates on the effectiveness of publishing editions in English and French to tap into both literary markets. He then goes on to the difficulties of having a platform in the South African market. Ultimately, it comes down to a problem of marketing and distribution logistics in the African continent. ‘For publishing in Africa to become successful, the distribution sector needs to improve. People need to see distribution as the opportunity it is’ he says.

The original article was featured in the magazine Show Daily for the 23rd Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. To read the full article, click here

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