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Amalion authors at Paroles Indigo Festival

Three Amalion titles featured at this year’s edition of Paroles Indigo, a literary and artistic festival of voices from around the world. Fatou Kandé Senghor (Wala Bok: Une histoire orale du hip hop au Sénégal), Kevin Eze (The Peacekeeper’s Wife) and the late Kofi Awoonor (The Promise of Hope) represented by Sulaiman Adebowale. The festival, which took place in the historic Roman city of Arles, France, ran from 30th October until the 2nd November 2015.

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Wala Bok at the Goethe Institute

On the 30th September 2015, the book Wala Bok: Une histoire orale du hip hop au Sénégal by Fatou Kandé Senghor was presented to the public at the Goethe-Institute in Dakar, Senegal. In it, Senghor talks about her love of hip-hop and its influence on Senegalese, music and culture.

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Wala Bok revu dans Sud Quotidien

Fatou Kandé Senghor a été interviewée par Théodora Sy Sambou dans Sud Quotidien. Fatou Kandé Senghor discute son livre Wala Bok: Une histoire orale du hip hop au Sénégal (2015) 

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Wala Bok on RFI Musique

An article on Fatou Kandé Senghor’s new book Wala Bok: Une histoire orale du hip hop au Sénégal (2015) was published by RFI Musique. RFI Musique is a TV programme and website that delivers the latest news about French and African music.

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Kandé Senghor on Ousmane Sembène’s influence

Fatou Kandé Senghor, the author of Wala Bok: Une histoire orale du hip hop au Sénégal (2015), has always had strong African role models in her life. One of the most prominent figures was the late Senegalese writer and cinematographer Ousmane Sembène, strongly considered as the ‘father of African cinema’ and one of the most prominent pan-African artists in the world. In an interview with EnQuête+, Kandé Senghor reveals the depth of Sembène’s influence on not only her writing, but also her ideology that prompted her to write the book.

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Blogger Aboubacar Demba Cissokho reviews Wala Bok

Blogger Aboubacar Demba Cissokho gives us his review of Fatou Kandé Senghor’s Wala Bok: Une histoire orale du hip hop au Sénégal (2015).

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Amalion à la Sorbonne

Amalion Publishing featured amongst other scholarly publishers at the Sixth European Conference on African Studies (ECAS). The event, which took place in Paris between 8 and 10 July 2015, serves as a platform for conversation on sciences and humanities in Africa as well as in the Diaspora. The theme of this year’s conference was 'Collective Mobilisations in Africa: Contestation, Resistance, Revolt'. The event was co-organised by the Institut des mondes africains (IMAF) and Les Afriques dans le monde (LAM). At the conference, Amalion exhibited alongside L’Oiseau Indigo, a collective that distributes and promotes books of publishers from the African and Arab world.

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Amalion’s interview at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Germany-based Diaspora news outlet togonews.info interviewed Sulaiman Adebowale, Director of Amalion Publishing, about his involvement in the 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany. The interview was conducted jointly by Chariffou Ouro-Sama and Clemens Benkel from the Africa Development Group. The Frankfurt Book Fair attracts thousands of professional publishers from all over the world to meet and trade content on an international level. Not only reserving itself to the book market, it represents multiculturality through achievements in art and literature. 

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Ladan Osman wins First Book Prize for African Poets 2014

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Ladan Osman

Ladan Osman's collection, The Kitchen Dweller's Testimony, is the winner of the 2014 Sillerman First Book Prize for African Poets. Osman will receive a $1,000 cash award and publication of her book with the University of Nebraska Press and Amalion Publishing in Senegal.

"I deeply appreciate this prize," said Osman, who teaches in Chicago. "I have so badly just wanted a chance to work, to be apparent to people in life and in poems. A bunch of things happened in the years spent writing this book. I'm excited to share what came out of those sometimes rough waters and look forward to connecting to new readers and new communities."

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Ibrahim Niang’s poetry featured in The Prague Revue

Author of the poetry collection Les Rasins du baobab, Ibrahim Niang, had five of his poems featured in the Prague-based literary website The Prague Review. The Prague Revue specializes in publishing up-to-date modern literature, be it essays, short fiction or poetry. The poems featured were: ‘A nos regards’, ‘Comme un lac’, ‘Madaliso’, ‘Petit vent’ and ‘Amaselly’.

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Essai sur La dette odieuse par Ariane Poissonier

Lors d’une conférence organisée à Dakar, en avril 2013, devant des étudiants d’une école de commerce, Léonce Ndikumana martèle : « Ce n’est pas l’Afrique qui est endettée vis-à-vis du monde, c’est plutôt le monde qui est endetté vis-à-vis de l’Afrique ; le mythe selon lequel l’Afrique ne peut pas réduire la pauvreté est créé par le drainage de ses ressources. L’Afrique peut éradiquer la pauvreté si ses ressources restent sur le continent. » En quelques mots, le professeur d’économie, né au Burundi, résume l’un des messages principaux du livre La dette odieuse de l’Afrique. Comment l’endettement et la fuite des capitaux ont saigné un continent, qu’il a signé avec son collègue James K. Boyce.

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Kofi Awoonor passes on

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The Promise of Hope: New and Selected Poems, 1964–2013

We are saddened to announce the passing of distinguished poet and novelist Kofi Awoonor. He died in the terrorist attack by al-Shabaab militants at the Westgate shopping mall on 21 September 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Born George Awoonor Williams on 13 March 1935 in Wheta, the southeastern part of Ghana, Kofi Nyidevu Awoonor was a diplomat, a professor of comparative literature at numerous universities, and recently retired from teaching full-time in the Department of English at the University of Ghana.

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Giving to Help, Helping to Give launch

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Book Launch

Amalion Publishing and TrustAfrica cordially invite you to the launch of "Giving to Help, Helping to Give: The Context and Politics of African Philanthropy" Edited by Tade Akin Aina and Bhekinkosi Moyo.

Date: Friday 23 August 2013 from 17.30 to 20.00

Venue: Terrou-Bi, Route de la Corniche, Dakar, Senegal.


Contact: Tel: 33 869 46 86 (TrustAfrica)

Contact: Tel: 33 860 19 04 (Amalion)

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Chip Rossetti interviews Amalion

Journalist and translator Chip Rossetti  interviewed Amalion Publishing about the challenges it faces in the future of its growth. The interview took place at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair in 2013. The article was then published on Publishing Perspectives, an outlet for information on the book industry.

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EnQuête + reviews book launch at BEM

Pierre Birame Dioh of the Senegalese news outlet EnQuête+ presents a review of the book launch and conference for La dette odieuse de l’Afrique at the Bordeaux Management School (BEM) in Dakar, Senegal. The book was presented by co-authors Léonce Ndikumana & James K. Boyce on the 19th April 2013.

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